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    Food Machinery Market prospects
    admin:admin  date:2011/7/22 19:19:22  Click:6175

    Technology Hardware City in China market, with many popular hardware tools, electrical and mechanical hardware, power tools and other industries, the food machinery industry is less popular one. But in recent years, as people's living standards improve, restaurants, restaurants everywhere, people are eating out of the universal, directly contributing to the mechanical requirements related to food, but also for the Hardware City of the food machinery industry provides a valuable development opportunity to have a broad market prospects, sales have gradually steady growth trend.
        Jie Yuan Food Machinery Market, according to the person in charge, the food machinery industry has been able to so rapidly, the most important by two factors, one is a new restaurant, hotel after another, led to the rapid development of food machinery industry, and the other aspect is to accelerate the pace of life, eating out more and become a consumption habits, but also indirectly led to the development of food machinery industry. The official also introduced a few years of economic crisis, compared to the power tools, recreational vehicles etc. hot industry, food machinery be affected a little. This is mainly because of food products machinery is the people's livelihood in the life of the people play a vital role, but mostly domestic-based sales range. Currently, the Hardware City sales of food machinery are grinding machine, sealing machine, meat grinder, pasta machines. A food machinery distributor told reporters that in addition to city hotels and restaurants have a steady demand, the rural demand for food machinery is not Crowder's. With the improvement of living standards, many rural people are more particular about the quality of life, food machinery to make their life easier, has been welcomed by many rural people. Especially the pasta machine, grinding machine on the market place in the rural areas.
        It is understood that, to meet the market demand, the city's food machinery hardware vendors are actively get rid of product quantity, low-tech image to the multi-functional, and intelligent direction. Many owners said, the food tastes of modern consumers seeking the richness of food production tend to be more variety, small batch. Accordingly, the diversity, with a variety of switching functions, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold to replace the food machinery was able to adapt to market demand. Jincheng Gao Xiang market in food machinery is a research and development, production and sales of agricultural machinery and food processing machinery specialized production enterprise. Main products are machines and surface grinding of (powder) machine, pressing machine, ice machine, milling machine, grinder, planer wire machine, popcorn machine and dozens of categories. Expanding in the enterprise, new product innovation at the same time, draw extensively on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, the product in the functional structure, more perfect shape. Relying on the Hardware City fame and strong radiation, Gao Xiang food machinery with excellent products and perfect after-sales service, product not only across the country, also exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia.
        Looking at the Hardware City, food machinery industry, not only have good sales in the city market, but also opened the neighboring counties (cities) of the market, in addition to there demands local Yongkang, Jinhua, Dongyang, Jinyun, Wuyi and other merchants are attracted to the former to purchase. And as Yongkang "business travel market" of the building, government policies to actively promote the development of tertiary industry, food machinery industry, market prospects for the better. (China Science and Technology Hardware City Group Xuen Dong He Chunyan)


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