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                300T/Y Instant coffee production line


                300T/YInstant coffeeproduction line




                Thepretreatment of raw coffee beans

                First,the selection and cleaning of raw materials. In order to ensure the quality, can use the vibration sieve, pressureconveying or vacuum conveying way of separating and cleaning.



                Bakingis the decisive process in instant coffee flavor and quality formation, usuallyusing rotary roasting furnace, baking temperature and baking time are the keyfactors. When the coffee beans achieve to the desired baking degree, turn offthe fire and stop heating, at the same time spraying a certain amount of coldwater, the roasted coffee beans is discharged out of a stove body, roasted andground coffee beans is better to kept stored a day, the carbon dioxide and othergases that produced in the curing process further volatilize and release. Theyalso fully absorb the moisture in the air, the particles become soft, which isbeneficial for the extraction. Theaverage diameter of the coffee granules was about 1.5mm



                Extraction is the most complexcenter part. The temperature and pressure are two parameters in the process ofextraction. The temperature is the most important factors. If it taste sour, bitter andastringent,  indicating that theextraction rate is high, the next time it is run to reduce amount ofextraction, in turn, can be appropriate to increase the amount of extraction,so as to ensure the product quality, improve the yield.



                Vacuum concentration. It reduces the water's boiling point, thevacuum degree of -0.08mpa above. At this time the boiling point of water onlyabout 60 degrees, so that the liquid to accelerate the concentration,concentration of concentrated liquid is generally not more than 60% (refractiveindex). Due to evaporation towerfrom the concentrated liquid temperature is higher than the ambienttemperature. Therefore, it is necessary to after cooling and then into thetank, so as to reduce the loss of aromatic compounds.



                The coffeeliquid is directly conveyed to the top of the nozzle through a pressure pump..Drying tower inlet temperature control in between 250-270 degrees, outlettemperature control in between 110-130 degrees, adjusting the nozzle and spraypressure, so that the coffee powder form the thick walled hollow sphericalparticles,  The proportion of control in220-250g/L water content is about3%. In spray drying processshould pay attention to the concentration of coffee liquid, because the higherthe concentration of the solution, the higher viscosity, surface tension ishigh, which is conducive to the formation of thick walled hollow particles,while reducing the transportation line parameters and temperature, pressure andother regulation of amplitude, but not concentration, the higher the better,too high concentration of the fog degree is too low, resulting in pooratomization, so coffee mixture concentration control in between 30-40% ispreferred


                1.  Mainstructure area

                Main workshop : 18 x 1728 m 96 M2

                Product warehouse:  30 x 540 m 18 M2

                Packaging material library:18*324M2


                2.2. 2.  Payment Term::30% T/T deposit advance and 70% balance by T/T before shipment.


                3.     Delivery Time: 60 days. after receivingdeposit.


                4.     Packing : export packaging


                5.     Warranty: one year. for the wholemachine

                WithinWarranty period, if under the usage of instruction sheet, any product broken ordamage, we will offer the repair service for free or replace for free, butclients pay for the freight from China to local place. If need ourengineer go to help, clients pay for the freight of round-trip.


                Besidethe warranty days, we continue to provide life-long maintenance service

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