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                Dumpling machine
                coffee pot
                drip coffee maker
                capsule lid
                coffee grinder
                coffee roasting machine
                coffee capsule
                coffee roster
                coffee machine
                filling machine
                water kettle
                bread maker
                french press
                coffee capsule holder
                packaging machine
                coffee maker
                glass cover automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

                Quick Details

                • Type: Filling Machine
                • Condition: New
                • Application: Food
                • Automatic Grade: Automatic
                • Driven Type: Electric
                • Voltage: 220V
                • Power: 7000W
                • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
                • Brand Name: SWF
                • Model Number: SWF-120
                • Dimension(L*W*H): 4800*1023*1750mm
                • Weight: 1200kg
                • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
                • Capacity: 6000-7200pcs/H
                • Filling quantity: 0-20g
                • Filling Accuracy error: +/- 0.015 g
                • Working air pressure / gas consumption:950L/min
                • Working temperature: 5-35<C
                • Relative humidity: +85%

                Packaging & Delivery

                Delivery Detail: 40-50days after receiving deposit
                Product Description
                glass cover automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine



                1. Whole machine made of stain steel

                2. Glass cover as standard

                3. PLC and servo motor are all OMRON, 7 inch Touch Screen control

                4. Servo screw feeder

                5. Vacuum suction film, heat sealing mechanism

                6. Vacuum feeding machine

                7. Sealed Nitrogen filling device





                One capsule loading at one time,

                Coffee filling

                Coffee pressing,

                Capsule edge cleaning,

                Nitrogen flushing

                Foil loading,

                Sealing twice

                Sealed capsules pushing-out.

                Control panel setting in English

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